Grab a deal and take humiliation back home


New Delhi: In the recent years Delhi has emerged as an undisputed “crime capital” of India. Topping the charts in criminal activities, Delhi’s crime rate grew 357.2 more than double the national crime rate of 167.7. This plague called ‘Crime’ is spreading all over the country but centralised in metro cities to an extent. According to NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) Delhi, Mumbai and Banglooru together contributed more than one-third crimes reported in Indian cities. Delhi is in great danger with recent bomb blasts and other criminal activities, especially when country is entering into the festive season. From shop keepers to shoppers, everyone is breathing under a threatening environment oblivious to live bombs ticking somewhere. It is sad to see empty shoppers paradise like Lajpat Nagar, Saronjini Nagar, Greater Kailash and Cannaught Place which used to say packed with customers during festival season.


Crimes as big as bomb blasts over shadow the small crimes reported in the metro cities. Recently many people got mugged by a gang of criminals who sell new mobile hand sets on the roads. Humiliation kicks in when those hand sets turn into plastic replicas of their original counterpart. Innocent people find themselves trapped in their made up stories of this gang to sell off their phoney items. This gang sells newly launched and expensive mobile handsets at unbelievable price in exchange of existing handset or money from targeted customer. This cannot be ignored as similar cases happened with more than a million people during or off festivals. This active gang in Delhi is a set of professionals who will show original handsets to the customers and let them use as well to check. To steal a deal, innocent people grab the elusive offer and take home a nicely packed plastic dummy. What a shame! These professionals swiftly change the original handsets with dummies and hand them over to the targeted customers in a branded cover. Pride of snatching a deal soon turns into a humiliating scene.


Such incidents are equivalent to a bomb blast which takes place inside that person who has got cheated. The sense of being cheated is so disgraceful that hits the moral of victims and haunts them throughout their lives. The only way to achieve success against such cases is to spread awareness amongst people. It is a humble request and a strict warning to all those people who fall for such road side deals. Stay away from any such temptations no matter how much attractive and genuine they may seem. BEWARE you can be their next target.


Is this the fall of champions? Australia v India

What a victory! India won the second test match in Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2008/09. It seems like the end of Australian world domination in Cricket. Indians have troubled Australians in recent past. Where Australia ruled the roost against all other cricket playing nation, they failed to prove their mettle against India. Australians found it hard to confront India in all format of the game, be it Tests, One day international, T20. Over a period of time playing against Pakistan has lost its charm but against Australia, it couldn’t get any better. It gives an immense pleasure to beat the world champions. Even Australians love the tussle against formidable Indian blend of young guns with experienced force. Media takes this battle to the next level by frame to frame coverage of sledging between players and well made advertisements.


The battle between Australia and India has picked up its pace since Indian T20 world cup victory last year in 2007. Ponting added fuel to fire with his comments “India was lucky to win the T20 world cup”. India proved Australian wrong by beating them once again in T20 match up held last year in Mumbai at Brabourne stadium. Ponting had to eat his words and said India is better than us in T20 format. However, India lost the Test series prior to T20 victory. The message was loud and clear with T20 victory that Australian champion’s throne is at risk.


Let’s see the result formation between these two cricketing giants’ encounters in recent time.



Australia v India test series 1996/97 – India won 1-0

Australia v India test series 1997/98 – India won 2-1

Australia v India test series 1999/00 – Australia won 3-0

Australia v India test series 2000/01 – India won 2-1

Australia v India test series 2003/04 – Drawn 1-1

Australia v India test series 2004/05 – Australia won 2-1

Australia v India test series 2007/08 – Australia won 2-1

Border-Gavaskar Trophy, India 2008/09 – India won the second test match (2 more to go)



2nd semi final: Australia v India at Durban – India won

Only T20 international Australia v India at Mumbai – India won

Only T20 international Australia v India at Melbourne – Australia won



India’s performance in ODIs against Australia hasn’t been exciting but it is surely building up to threaten the Aussies.


Commonwealth Bank Series, Sydney 2007/2008 – India won

Australia v India ODI series, India 2007/08 – Australia won 4-2

ICC Champions Trophy, India – 2006/07 – Australia won


All in all Border-Gavaskar Trophy is still on and two more matches yet to be played. It might swing anyway as Australians would fight back strongly and Indians would counter attack. Let’s see how the third and fourth match would shape up, however, a best win ever in history against Australian.

A man a legend – Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, an Indian Icon.  This cricketing legend was born in 1973 in Bombay, Maharashtra. After his fall in MRF Pace Academy as a bowler, he decided to stay focused in his batting. What a decision was that? His stood focused for all these years that the entire world couldn’t take its focus away from him. He is a true legend and a true star above all. His reputation as a child prodigy in the early age had already suggested him to become one of the greats. His coach from his young days used to put a coin on the top of the stumps and left it to bowlers to dismiss him and claim that coin. If Tendulkar survives the session then he would get the coins.  He still cherishes those unbeaten thirteen coins as his best prize possession. This is not surprising for this child prodigy for not playing under nineteen and getting straight to seniors. This is an undying dream for any cricketer who decides to play cricket.




Tendulkar made his first century against England following his semi-impressive test debut against Pakistan. He enhanced his development in to world class cricket during 1991-92 tour of Australia. He made brilliant two centuries in 5 test match series to make his presence felt. Even Merv Hughes could not control himself and commented a famous quote to Allan Border, “This little prick’s going to get more runs than you”. His charm as a gentleman makes him bigger than any other batsmen ever lived. Tendulkar married a Gujrati female and blessed with two children. As I speak of his charm, he never mentioned to media about sponsoring 200 underprivileged children every year through Apnalaya. It proves him enough as a true human being as well. The greatest batsman of all time, Sir Donald Bradman considered Tendulkar’s batting quite similar to his. What an honour. In his biography, it is stated that Bradman was thoroughly impressed by Tendulkar’s technique, compactness and shot production. Even Bradman’s wife, Jessie, agreed that they did appear similar.




With India’s huge hope and expectations after Azharuddin, Tendulkar couldn’t be a very successful Indian captain and team performed poorly. Tendulkar resigned and Sourav Ganguly took over the Indian captaincy in 2000. Tendulkar remains an integral part of Indian team’s strategic process. Tendulkar played a strong cricket though out but his tennis elbow problem took its toll and left him out of the side for most of the year. Tendulkar’s poor performance against England during a home test series and shoulder injury raised so many questions about his longevity.


Come back


The hallmark of a player is to stand tall after falling down. Tendulkar responded to his critics with his 40th ODI century against West Indies during DLF Cup in Malaysia. Later, he scored back to back 90+ against South Africa and proved his authority to everyone. Surely, no one teaches Tendulkar how to bat. Sorry Creg Chappel. With his batting he resurrected Indian innings so many times and proved more than useful with his bowling as well.



Sachin Tendulkar is the most successful run scorer in one-day internationals with staggering 16,361 runs. He has just become highest run scorer in Test matches with 12,027 runs going past Brian Lara. He also holds the record of highest number of centuries in both Test (39) and ODI cricket (42). In the year 2007, former Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne published his list of 50 greatest cricketers ever, in which Sachin had secured the number 1 spot. In January 2008, even British Prime Minister Gordon Brown suggested that Sachin should be conferred with an honorary knighthood for his contribution to international cricket.

What a player and what a humble human being. Sachin surely made our country proud and saved India’s pride more than one occasion, like a knight in shining armour.

“If cricket is a religion then Sachin is the God”.

With this thought let’s enjoy 2nd test match proceedings of Border-Gavaskar Trophy.

Bizarre planet and its Bizarre animals

Animal Planet was showcasing a documentary on Amazonian aquatic animals during flooded forest. And what I watched a moment later can be described as “Bizarre”. An amphibian laying eggs outside the water is one thing, but a fish? Sounds unbelievable? Believe it. The fish called Copella Arnoldi (Splash Tetra), found in streams and creeks in the lower Amazon region of South America. A shimmering golden-red male finds a perfect place under an overhanging leaves by the river edge. He waits until female splash tetra nudges the male with her head and ready to spawn. The pair leaps outside the water, side by side. The bizarre scene, female turns a somersault and lays 5-10 eggs on the underside of the overhanging leaf. To make it even bizarre the male fertilizes the eggs half way through his somersault and both dive back into the water. This is the act of a master Gymnast. The pair repeats this laying and fertilizing exercise until female has laid up to 100 eggs.


Isn’t it a jaw dripping stuff? But this is not the end just yet. Soon after the extraordinary exercise female abandons both, her eggs and mate (Justice done to the females on land, human of course). Then comes male’s compassion for parenthood, he keeps the eggs moist from the harsh sun until they hatch and the fry fall into the water. He positions himself right under the overhanging leaf, bends his flexible body, and with rapid tail flicks he splashes water up into the eggs. In just two days the hatchlings consume their yolk sac and start their everlasting journey for food. Sometimes nature creates such wonders that seem out of this world.





India Vs Australia – Day 5

Day 5

Hello and welcome to the final day of first test match from Chinnaswamy Stadium. It will be interesting to see what target Ponting sets for the Indian assault. Weather doesn’t look good for the final day, heavy dark clouds hovering over Chinnaswamy stadium. Ishant gets a break through in his very first over on day 5. It has been a trend to clinch early wickets to start the day’s proceedings. Watson out bowled as he decides to play across the line to a fractionally shorter delivery. This is the end of Watson’s fighting 41 to bring back the Australian hope. Australia 203 for the loss of 6 wickets. Finally comes the declaration, Ponting decides to put India into bat under bad light and heavily overcast condition. Australia set a target of 299 to win for India; it will not be as easy as it may seem.

Question of the day: This is the test of Indian endurance; can India stay focused and achieve the target?  

Two Indian batsmen open the second inning. Brett Lee starts the proceedings as Indian batsmen look jittery. My heart comes to mouth as Aussies drop Shewag. But Sehwag plays the way he always played, edging the ball straight from Clark to the first slip where Hayden takes a low catch. OUT. India score 16 for the loss of 1. As India lose confidence with a quick wicket Dravid loses his wicket as well. What a nightmare!! Dravid plays Lee’s over-pitched delivery with soft hands and it goes fast to Ponting in short midwicket region. One of the best fielders in the world cricket, Ponting, makes no mistake and grabs a handsome catch parallel to the ground. It reminds me of Swordfish launching itself to grab its pray, lightning quick. Kangaroos nail Dravid for 5 and India score 24 for the loss of 2. My heart sinks with Indian shaky start. Here comes the little master, Sachin Tendulkar. Can he produce runs with his bat today? India sulk in bit of a hole right now.

Where is that Tendulkar whose presence threatened the bowlers and other cricket playing nations?


At lunch: India 41 for the loss of 2 wickets.

Fantastic first session for Australia! Game is in Australian control as wickets fallen quickly in the centre. India had a remote chance to seize the first test victory but two wickets have pushed India on back foot. 8 wickets and 66 overs remaining to score 259 runs, the game is drifting quickly towards Australia way. India need to play with a lot of character and endurance. Let’s hope for the best and follow the rest of the cricket inching closer to a thrilling climax.

Welcome back to the post lunch session where Sachin looks pretty relaxed and confident in the middle. In no time Gambhir and Tendulkar have built up a partnership of 50 runs. India need to stay put with this partnership and get closer to the target. As we speak the partnership couldn’t flourish any longer, Gambhir bowled out by Johnson. Gambhir couldn’t pick Johnson’s fuller yet slower delivery that goes through his defence. Gambhir departs contributing 29 to the total and brings Laxman to the crease. India 77 for the loss of 3.

I don’t want to say much about this partnership as previous comment let me down. Both the batsmen are looking fine at the crease, especially Tendulkar. Laxman is little nervous but seems quite determined, good for him and India. Together they have added 20 runs, slow but steady. Indian plan would be to reach closer to the target without losing any more wickets and blast off at the end. If not, draw is the best option. It is very important to keep a winning attitude so, go for the kill India. Things are quite at the moment with spinners bowling from both ends. Chipping the ball here and there adding runs on the board is taking India closer to target. Winning looks out of proportion, saving the game is in the agenda right now. Partnership reaches 53 at tea time, India 126 for the loss of 3 wickets.


Game resumes and both the batsmen take the innings forward. Good to see their confident approach in keeping the score board ticking. It is not about the winning anymore but to survive till the end of the day’s proceedings. Tendulkar complaints for the bad light but umpires turn it down and offer no light. It adds to Tendulkar’s frustration as he draws his eyes wider. What happens next is quite unexpected, Tendulkar out caught playing a fuller length delivery on off stump. He tries to drive the ball to square but White’s slow spin does the trick and loses his wicket. Tendulkar misses another opportunity to run pass Brain Lara’s score by a short margin. He goes out for 49 and partnership ends after adding 64 runs. Tendulkar’s dismissal brings Ganguly at the crease to push the score forward. India score 137 for the loss of 4 wickets.

What a sad end to an intriguing 5 days match, umpires offer light to the batsmen and they happily accept it. Apparently game is suspended and India saves the game due to bad light. End of the day 5 India 148 for the loss of 4 wickets. All and all a fantastic 5 days of hard core cricket, from Australian resilience to twisted Indian tail.


I am Praky, your host for this test match, signing off now. All the very best to the Indian team for their next test match.

India Vs Australia – Day 4

Sorry for the delay people, here you go

Day 4


Hello and welcome to Border-Gavaskar Trophy day 4. What brilliant ending to day 3 yesterday. Let’s see how it goes today when Zaheer and Kumble start to push Indian score little higher. Weather looks pretty nice, no sign of clouds or drizzle like yesterday. Brett lee starts the day’s proceedings and Zaheer to face the ball from where he left yesterday. It has been a treat to watch tail-enders doing the repair work to consolidate the Indian innings. Yesterday’s partnership of 80 runs between Zaheer and Harbhajan was the highlight of the day. Finally, Aussies get a break through trapping Kumble on the crease with a late swing delivery by Watson. Rauf points his finger out and declares Kumble LBW. Another useful partnership of 31 comes to an end. All this added to Australian frustration as India score 343 for the loss of 9 wickets.


Harbhajan added 54 and, now, Zaheer is taking the lead with a brilliant 57. It is a moment to watch when these tail-enders raise their bats high in the air where so called top order batsmen led India down. Top scorers in the Indian line-up are Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan Singh, just unbelievable. It will be good to see as to how Australia accept this challenge. With a lead of 70 runs, when would Australia feel safe to declare their second innings? We will know people, we will know.


Question now: Will Zaheer be tired enough to fire all cylinders? After an exhausting knock he is all set to start the bowling too. Australia start their 2nd inning cautiously and trying not to lose any wicket before lunch.


At Lunch: Australia 9 for no loss. 


Just after 12 overs post lunch Zaheer produces a blinder and freezes Hayden’s fate for 13 with swinging full length delivery. Hayden tries to forget the nightmare of his fall in the 1st test. Hayden departs LBW and brings the first centurion at the crease, Ricky Ponting. Can start from where he left yesterday? Good question. Australia 21 for the loss of 1. Shaky start pushes India ahead and builds pressure on Australia. Indian bowling attack looks pretty confident after a successful batting expedition. Zaheer takes his 6th wicket in the first test match…Bravo Zaheer. India fight back and fights back pretty neatly, Ponting falls flat on Ishant’s semi slow full length delivery. Out he goes. Laxman grabs a sharp catch in the midwicket area and sends the first inning centurion back to dressing room. Ponting scored 17 runs and took Aussie’s score to 50 for the loss of 2 wickets.


India apply mixed bowling attack from both ends, Ishant from one and Harbhajan from another. There comes 2nd centurion from Australian first inning, Michael Hussey. Ponting’s failure raises expectation from Hussey. Can he deliver it again? Australian batsmen can feel the sting in Indian bowling; quick wickets put India on top. As we speak, here goes another wicket down to dust. Simon Katich plays a flighted delivery from Harbhajan which lands safe in Laxman’s magnetic hands at silly point. Harbhajan is proving more than useful, first with batting and now with bowling. After scoring 34 Katich rests in peace in the dressing room Clarke joins Hussey at the crease. Australia score 99 for the loss of 3 crucial wickets. Breaking the building partnerships Indians have finally found their feet on the ground.


Can India continue ripping off Australian innings? Another quick wicket would definitely push Australia on the back foot. I could have asked for something better, make a castle of my own. Clarke is out caught playing a full length delivery from Ishant. Sehwag grabs the ball neatly at the short cover region. Clarke contributed 6 runs to the Australian total of 115 after losing 4 wickets in the process. What a ripper!!


It is going bad to worse for Australians, Harbhajan strikes back. Bhajji completely bamboozled Hussey from his rightly pitched length delivery just outside off stump. As Hussey tries to let it go bowl rips back and disturb the furniture. What a beauty (Singh is surely a King). Hussey goes out after scoring 31 and brings Haddin to the crease. Crowed goes wild and follows a Mexican wave. It proves to be a disaster for the Australians. It looks like India would run through Aussie line up quickly and give India a fair chance to win the first test out of fours Dream on sugar. Commentators criticise Kumble’s bowling stats and I feel greedy for more wickets. Australia 128 for the loss of 5 wickets.


I love this game as it swings both ends in no time. A good partnership of 50 between Haddin and Watson drift the game slowly towards Australian side. It takes Australian total to 193 for the loss of 5 and mounts the total lead to 263 with 5 wickets in hand. Another exhilarating day comes to an end. India took control on the first session but second session drifting away to put Australia back in control. All credit goes to Haddin and Watson for their rescue partnership of 50 runs. Let’s see tomorrow what score would be good enough for Australia to defend.


Let’s come back tomorrow keeping the fingers crossed. India…India, clap…clap…clap.

India Vs Australia – Day 3

Day 3


Welcome to day three from Chinnaswamy Stadium. Sky looks bright and no sign of rainy clouds hovering over like yesterday, a perfect day for cricket.  Sehwag is facing Johnson from where he left yesterday. India 68 without losing any wickets.


And an early break through for Australia, India loses their first wicket of Gambhir. From past two days including today falling wicket early looks like a trend to me. India need to stay focused and make it hard for Australians to get easy break through. Here comes Dravid as Gambhir departs scoring 21. India score 70 for the loss of 1.


Just when Sehwag is looking threatening he plays a silly shot and edges it to the second slip. Johnson bowls a full length and wide delivery and Shewag reaches out for it and does nothing but gives away an easy catch to Hayden on slip. He makes his way to the pavilion after scoring 45. This is the second blow for Indians scoring 76 to begin the day’s proceedings. Here comes the master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar, as name says it all he takes his stance to go pass Brian Lara. He needs to score 77 runs to break Lara’s record and become highest run scorer in the world cricket. He looks confident as he smashes a handsome Four through the point region.  As my cable connection comes back India score 90 for the loss of 2.


Here comes the disaster, Tendulkar out caught chipping the ball to White at short cover region. Johnson rolls his finger and produces a slower delivery; Tendulkar pushes the ball to score another four through cover but lands up in the safe hands of Cameron White. Tendulkar joins Gambhir and Sehwag in the dressing room after scoring 13 runs. India lose another big wicket scoring 94 for the loss of 3. Laxman joins Dravid when India going hey wire between wickets on third day.


Indians have to play out of their skins to match up with this total put by Australians. The way things are going right now it looks difficult. But you never know in this wonderful game of cricket. Ouch!! What a shame. Johnson bowls a fuller length delivery outside off stump; Laxman pokes at it and produces an edge. What happens next we all know. Laxman is gone for duck getting caught behind by keeper. What is it happening here, all the batsmen going back to pavilion one by one. The variable bounces proving difficult for the Indian batsmen. India 106 for the loss of 4…Shame!! Here comes Dada to play his last test series. I hope he will make it count and say bye to International cricket on a high.


Dravid and Gangly are playing cautiously and trying to consolidate the Indian innings. It will be difficult task for both of them to stay on the pitch for long and face invariable bounce. Let’s see how it goes. So far so good, India have scored 133 on board with partnership growing between two batsmen on the crease.

Lunch time: India 133 for the loss of 4

Come back in half an hour or so to see whether India comeback or Australia ram-down the Indian batting line-up.

There you go again. When it seems a good partnership building Australia breaks it smartly. This is the sign of Champions. Dravid caught plumb in the front and declared LBW by Rauf. As Watson celebrates his well taken wicket Dravid looks quite disappointed. This day completely belongs to Australia, knocked out Indian top order batsmen one by one. Dravid falls after making a fighting 51 and India reach 155 for the loss of 5 wickets on day 3. Can India reach even closer to Australian score of 430? Only time will tell but looks pretty difficult with 5 wickets in hand. Dravid dismissal brings Dhoni to the crease; it will be interesting to see his approach to first Indian inning.


Champions are playing like champions; first proved it with bat and now with ball. Everyone is contributing in their best possible way, from batsmen to bowlers taking Australia closer towards victory. Just when I said champions, Dhoni loses his wicket by missing the slower delivery from Clarke. Slower delivery turns and beats Dhoni’s bat to take off the off stump. This cute looking Clarke is devil in disguise. Dhoni departs after adding 9 runs to the total. Who will save India now? Wickets scattering all over the places and no one seems good enough to stay longer at the crease. But Dada looks determined as if he is playing with a plan, going for the glory. All the very best Dada. After losing 6 wickets India crumble with 195 on the board.

As I am down with mild fever covering this match is hurting me even more; it is going bad to worse. Ganguly is out LBW. Johnson has done the trick again, pitches just outside the off stump and nips back to rap on the front pad. Rauf declares Ganguly LBW after a good thought. No substantial partnership could build up as Indian wickets have fallen on regular intervals. Ganguly’s fight to prove has ended in vain, nevertheless, good effort to score 47 where all other Indian batsmen have fallen flat. As Zaheer makes his way to the crease India score 232 for the loss of 7 wickets.

As Indian wickets crumble quickly in Chinnaswamy Stadium heavy drizzle sends the players back to the dressing room. Covers are on and game comes to a complete halt.


Game resumes with India 234 for the loss of 7. Now, it is not about what would be the Indian total on the board but how quickly Kangaroos wrap up the Indian inning. All of a sudden Zaheer and Harbhajan have started to make mockery out of the faster bowlers. They have added 41 runs together after quick singles and back to back fours…amazing stuff. Good to see odd defence from Harbhajan, it must be frustrating for Kangaroos. As ball meets the sweet part of the bat India score 279 for the loss of 7. This is the most interesting part of the game and crowd loves it. Where all the Indian batsmen failed to make an impact Harbhajan Singh knocks a brilliant 50. As crowed is chanting Sing is King Both Zaheer and Harbhajan have built up a partnership of 66 runs. Who would have expected these tail-enders will give a headache to the Australians. Way to go.


Finally Watson strikes Harbhajan out with his short pitched delivery with extra bounce. Harbhajan cuts the ball hard but thin top edge goes back to keeper. Harbhajan failed to impress anyone with his bowling but his excellent knock of 54 surely entertained everyone. This is his third consecutive half century against Australia. I guess, It brings the best out of him against Australia. The partnership of 80 between Zaheer and Harbhajan keep the team in the game. Once it was looking Australian lead of 200 and above but this partnership certainly reduced the gap to 118 runs.

India 312 for the loss of 8 wickets at the end of day 3. This fight will continue tomorrow with Kumble and Zaheeer on the crease.