Me and my life



If I begin to think about my life so far then it brings back the mixed memories of joys and sorrows, like everyone else. Childhood was fun, playing cricket with friends, reading comics and fighting the whole day with my younger sister for those things that didn’t really matter, oblivious to all that happens in and around the world. The bullies from 4th standard never gave me any chance to bat, always used to field for them, that was my love for the game of cricket. I still miss the passion for flying kites, couldn’t wait for the school to get over and spend hours on the terrace in the burning summer. My complexion took a beating and tanning covered my body from head to toe. Can you imagine how much fair and lovely applied on my face to get rid of tanning and bring back the charm again? I still laugh when I think about my crush from the school days, waited for good two years to speak to her and when I did, it was never there.


Grown up


I fail to forget the day when my parents decided to part their ways, my younger sister and I were asked to pick one to stay with. As every night has its dawn, we recovered from that life shattering ordeal and started to see this world ever so clearly. I saw my mom struggling to bring us up from where we were left vulnerable; it wasn’t so easy for her to meet our requirements but she did it quite remarkably.


God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers“.  Jewish proverb


Earning and learning


I still remember my first job where I learnt the corporate lessons and made a few good friends who still keep me busy with their mischievous acts. Once I stepped into corporate industry everything changed in front of me, from regular sleeping hours to staying at home on weekends. As every normal human being I worked hard and prayed to get promoted in order to create a name in the industry. Only hard work didn’t do well but combination of hard work and PR with seniors did the trick. I was promoted to a Contet Team Manager after 3 years; the feeling of achievement was exhilarating and couldn’t resist myself to share the same with my loved ones.




Now, there is no looking back, my sister got married and I am doing well as a manager in a multi national company. Till now I have done justice to my very own existence. I still have mountains to scale and oceans to cross; let’s see where I land up. Keeping the hopes high and fingers crossed…Amen!!



  1. way to go bro…….. moving…… sad…… and truly HOPEFUL !!
    goodLuck and have faith

  2. beautifully written blog praky! hope 2 hear frm u soon.. where’ve u disappeared off to neways? thot u were movin here ;). neways.. u tc and hope to see u soon!

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