A soldier’s heart goes out to his deceased friend, Sandeep Unnikrishnan

I received a mail from my friend Maj. Varun Bajpai whose heart goes to his very close friend Maj. Sandeep Unnikrishnan. He expresses his feelings for all the soldiers who laid their lives in the line of fire. Truly, these soldiers are the real heroes everything else fades away in front of these real sons of the nations. Let’s just see what goes inside a soldier as he recalls a poem dedicated to all the soldiers who fought and sacrificed their lives for their beloved nation. My eyes are moistened as I see Maj. Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s profile under Varun Bajpai’s profile on facebook. Sandeep Unnikrishnan and all who sacrificed their life in this ordeal have become immortal in every heart that beats in this country.


Major Varun says

As the carnage continues in Mumbai, and the innocent blood splashes all over the scene… accompanied by all the meretricious and politically correct statements of our politicians, one thing is sure, that at least few men of honour are there on whom, we rely with our baton of existence and survival. As on date when our fellow Officers and men are pioneering the offensive on behalf of the nation, I feel proud to be part of the forces, with all its ups and downs… The officers and men who have laid their lives for nation, relentlessly giving their best, without a wink or a thought are the real heroes… They somehow proved that ‘come what may’, Humanity would be the last adored virtue, always and every time. Let’s carry the thankfulness in our heart in its most genuine form without any show-off, because certainly the men in arms deserve it. I SALUTE THEM.


The poem “SENTRY” was written while holding a post in atop a mountain somewhere on the LOC… Hope it makes all sense now… 




Life often comes knocking at my door

           for a casual appraisal of our daily chore

It chides me often for wasting it away

           for drifting with me and loosing myself in its sway


The other day I stood sentry after last light

          when life came visiting at the sentry post site

It gave me a strange look and then remarked

         how can you be sentry for the life’s better part


I looked at life and smiled at its loving concern

         and said, “from a soldier, you have a lot to learn”

Gazing at the horizon and then yonder

          I was ready with a reply, after a brief ponder


Life, you often spend your life without 

          a worthwhile cause

Today you must think and give yourself

          a brief pause….


life was taken aback, to be astonished

she was surprised, and she was astonished


When a sentry stands guard in his

         battle fatigues dressed

He is the one, who is doubly blessed

         Blesses him God, for the harsh duty he stands

Blesses him all people for safety to them 

         and their lands


When I stand sentry, I enable the children to read

         to grow up tomorrow and give us the lead

When I stand sentry, the farmers till their land

        They churn out rich crops from the grains of sand


When I stand sentry, the doctors save your progeny

         they toil to carry out life saving surgery

When I stand sentry, factories work day and night

         contributing in no small measure to the nation’s might


When I stand sentry, in comfort works the scientific minds

         to reinvent science and making us proud with their new find

When I stand sentry, in peace the people sleep

         to awaken the next day, ready for a giant leap


When I stand sentry, on the altar of duty I pray

          tell me life of all, who is the luckiest today

My duty is GOD, my duty is DIVINE

          What’s better than life in the duty’s line


This is a very small description in my words, but I m sure we all should be proud of our soldiers beyond the preview of the above mentioned lines.



Major Varun Bajpai


I salute all the soldiers who have dedicated their lives to protect us and our nation.