Where is the Bond I once knew?

Quantum of Solace is a sequel to a high octane adventure of James Bond in Casino Royale. Betrayed by the woman he loved, James Bond makes this mission personal and continues to fight in order to reveal the truth behind his misery. However, where is the Bond we once knew? This new bond movie looks like any another action thriller where hero beats the crap out of the enemies. Since I am a true fan of Bond movies, it came as a disappointment. Like all other Bond fans, I wanted to see Bond using his Hi-Tech gadgets and gizmos with Bond’s world famous theme track playing in the background.

Can you imagine Superman with no powers, struggling to fly and penetrate walls through his laser beam coming out his eyes?  Imagine Spiderman who can’t use his spider web to swing around in the city. These two superheroes will look nothing better than mock up artists portraying themselves as Superman and Spiderman.  In Quantum of Solace Bond has only one gadget and that was a Hi-Tech cell phone. What a shame!! Nevertheless, Daniel Craig looks toughest of all the Bonds who can break a rock solid wall with his fist.

What comes to your mind when you think about James Bond, a 007 agent? A charming man with an impeccable intelligence and possesses an attitude of a daredevil. Remember that scene from Goldeneye where Bond drives a Russian tank through the streets of St. Petersburg following Ouromov’s car, leaving behind a path of destruction.

Children in India grow up referring Bond as the toughest character. I am sure you must have said or heard this line sometime “He thinks himself a Bond” or “Who is the Bond of this area?” James Bond new looks and behaviour is fine for a change, but I hope Bond comes back to his normal self. James Bond is a name enough to make this movie a big hit but if 007 keeps behaving like a heartbroken man then his charm will be over soon.