MySpace Vs Hotselling iPod?

This is a strange world of Technology which outdates as soon it is launched. Competitors chew their brain cells and pour all the talent to bring down the product from another manufacturer. According to the recent news MySpace, the popular online social network, may develop a digital music player to compete against Apple Inc’s hot selling iPod. However, Chris DeWolfe, co-founder and chief Executive, made it clear and said “We have no immediate plans to make or sell such a device.

MySpace has recently launched a music joint venture with major music labels and it quite a possibility MySpace eventually build a device for listening to music, said DeWolfe. He also added that company is just focusing on the service right now. MySpace, the largest online social networking site, company launched MySpace Music in September, aiming to become the ultimate one-stop for music lovers.

 The joint venture partners such as Sony BMG, Universal Music and Warner Music with MySpace widen access to all the music services, from streaming to merchandising. The advertising sponsors of the site are McDonald, Sony Pictures, Toyota and State Farm.

“We wanted to come up with a program that meets the needs of music companies and artists, by definition, and users,” DeWolfe said. And added people streamed music more than 1 billion times in the first few days and have created 80 million playlists since the launch.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea since driving competition to iTunes and boost sales by another player has been in agenda for all the music companies.

MySpace vs. iTunes
Warner Music Group Chief Executive Edgar Bronfman said MySpace was different from iTunes in its focus on “community and sharing.” People can share playlists, peruse their friends’ music choices and discover new songs that way.

Apple has just added “Genius,” which builds playlists and offers recommendations based on songs in a person’s iTunes library.

But DeWolfe said the “Genius” feature doesn’t make iTunes a competitor to MySpace Music because Apple continues to focus on selling their music devices. And added “if anything, we’ll be accretive to iPod sales” as people use MySpace Music to download more music and videos for their iPods. “Unless we develop a device” said DeWolfe.

Whatever would be the end result, MySpace launches some device against iPod or not, but people will have all the time available to tune into their favorite music.