Here I come

Welcome to my debut into cyberjournalism!

Finally I have joined the rest of the world and started to blog, it is an addictive task. I am excited to write my thoughts and display it to the entire world to read, so I want to keep it proper. In the afternoon I work with a travel firm as a content manager and during the nightfall I become a writer. After writing things for someone else’s site, now, I have decided to write for my own self. It will be interesting to see how good I am in writing the general stuff that boils inside my head. Hopefully I don’t mess up with my thoughts and put something irrelevant on the weblog.

You are most welcome to join me on my writing expedition and in my new addiction to cyberjournalism.


Have fun




  1. Hey Good start dude…very well written.
    All the very best and do well.
    God bless

  2. Thanks a ton!!

    Keep reading my posts and pages


  3. far i had’nt bother to read the posts other than ur india-aus test match ones.
    But yes, i do feel that we have many similarities in our thoughts.By the way,did u really mean ‘irrelevant’ in the last line of ur 1st para?..;)

  4. Very well written…all the best 🙂

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